KD operates by “hyflex”, with staff rotating onsite and online. We welcome your call to 318-487-5454 and your email to info@kdelta.org.  Periodic updates within our pages are intended for conveniences to the region’s communities and small businesses… and to benefit our shared economic stabilization, resilience, and improvement. 
Established in 1967 so central Louisiana communities can collaborate on issues, create opportunity, and set plans into action for the region’s economic development.
Kisatchie-Delta Regional Planning & Development District is locally organized, Federally chartered, and legislatively enacted. Our role is solutions-oriented: building capacity for community-based economic development — to sustain, to compete, to diversify, and to grow.
We approach this by addressing foundations for small business development and connecting communities to resources and opportunities.

Since 1967…collaboration has been the identity by which we serve the region…

Kisatchie-Delta Regional Planning & Development District helps the region and its communities

  • Connect to resources

  • Develop business and

  • Grow community

We help the region as analyst, strategist, and catalyst

  • by helping local governments create and locate options, develop requests and relationships, and be competitive for resources
  • communities plan solutions, development concepts, and implement projects
  • and small businesses build capacity, connect to assistance, and access resources

State law defines our role…“to facilitate intergovernmental cooperation and to insure the orderly and harmonious coordination of state, federal, and local comprehensive planning, and development programs for the solution and resolution of economic, social, physical, and governmental problems of the state and its citizens…” and we deliver.

Local governments covering 8 central Louisiana parishes created Kisatchie-Delta Regional Planning & Development District as their regional economic planning organization in 1967, supported by gubernatorial executive order and legislative act of the State and chartered federally through the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration as an Economic Development District (EDD), later acknowledged by the Delta Regional Authority as a Local Development District (LDD).
We endeavor to align our agency’s ongoing regional planning, professional capacity, and operational management to sustain and grow the region’s capacity for competitiveness by aligning development and resilience strategies that provide supports for connecting communities and their businesses with opportunity. 
Highlights, honors and acknowledgements of the Region…
  • Currently, KD continues its ambitious and awesome tradition of facilitating local, regional, and state, and even multi-regional efforts to benefit our communities with a variety of initiatives, in complement to plans and implementation for our region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy: 
    • Teaming with the Governor’s Office, various State and Federal agencies (investments just announced and launched by DRA and USDA), non-profits, providers, and the Louisiana Rural Health Association and its partner the Louisiana Virtual Medicine Association to advance telehealth in 43 parishes
    • Active partnering with LAPDD-LDOTD-and the BEL Commission in implementing a statewide Broadband Initiative Targeting Strategy for improved mapping, developing regional strategies, and for developing recommendations                  to guide the future of Louisiana’s broadband priorities — supported in part by EDA, the Delta Regional Authority’s dra.gov/speedtest, the Louisiana Office of Community Development, and by concerted investments of expertise and in-kind supports leveraged by each of Louisiana’s Planning & Development Districts.
    • Engaging with the Federal Interagency Recovery Exchange
    • Regional Coordinator of Watershed 2, Louisiana Watershed Initiative, with partnership assistance from Rapides Area Planning Commission
    • Assisting the partnering Vernon Parish School Board and Louisiana Economic Development with project construction of $7.5 million, funded significantly by the Office of Local Defense Communities Cooperation-Defense Communities Infrastructure Program for the Campus Connections and Learning Spaces at five schools for Technology and STEAM buildings and campus improvements, in alignment with Fort Polk/the JRTC
    • Continuing supports for business and community resiliency through both direct assistance, partnering to enhance the region’s ecosystem, and engaging with LED’s Small and Emerging Business Development Program
    • Encouraging and assisting our members and their eligible constituencies with the States’ Economic Development Award Program and/or other available competitive opportunities for communities/non-profits with DRA, EDA, USDA, and project assistance, funding, resources, and/or other programming…
  • In 2018 the Austin Regional Office of the Economic Development Administration addressed the region’s Annual Membership to mark the milestone and to applaud achievement from critical investments, ongoing planning, and regional excellence. 
  • The Louisiana Legislature commended KD for 50 years of service during the 2017 regular session by resolution, and KD was acknowledged for its ongoing meaningful work accomplished with the region and predominately rural communities, including having received  particular privilege of the region’s Honorable Representatives’ standing shoulder to shoulder on the House floor, reading the Resolution aloud and initiating ovation from the Chambers.
  • In 2017, Kisatchie-Delta RPDD and the City of Pineville were awarded a Star of the Southwest for meaningful benefit achieved with EDA investment, having utilized public investment for infrastructure that facilitated retention of the region’s largest manufactured, private sector investment of more than $301 million (and continuing to generate investment), retention of more than 1,017 jobs and creation of more than 300 new, direct jobs. 
  • Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson, supported by CLECO assistance, presented KD with an Achievement Award for “great partnership”, “superior performance, and many outstanding community contributions.”