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What is GO-BIZ?

GO-BIZ is a framework of training and technical assistance to increase entrepreneurs’ exposure to planning, resources, and approaches for building their business. It includes a curriculum of basic training for businesses like yours, delivered in a 1-2 day format.

    1. 1. Plan
      Develop your concept and map out your business.

    2. 2. Structure
      ?Organize your business and identify helpful tools and resources

    3. 3. Fund
      Locate loans and improve your financial capacity.

    4. 4. Apply
      Obtain permits and licenses to construct, operate, and submit filings.

    5. 5. Staff
      Post jobs, hire employees, and get information on labor laws.

    6. 6. Launch
      Use other resources to prepare for opening your business.

    7. 7. File
      Prepare documents, post adjustments, and seek training.

    8. 8. Compete
      Apply for incentives, register your business, and seek certifications, expand your business skills, and manage your revenue.

    9. 9. Grow
      Use counseling services, expand markets, consider mentorship and economic gardening, and revisit business plan benchmarks.