Planning and Projects

Community Assistance
Facilitation, grant writing, and project development services are provided for member communities. Technical Assistance is provided of projects ranging from the development of recreational complexes, rural development applications for such projects as fire departments or water systems, and industrial park development.
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Supporting Infrastructure & Development that Supports the Business Climate
Assistance to businesses is available through referral or direct technical assistance services and generally through our professional engagement with community leaders for the development of industrial parks. Kisatchie-Delta offers assistance to civic organizations, chambers, and communities on industrial marketing and recruitment, for local or outside business expansion within the District, and project packaging to support related investments.

Census Repository/Data Center Affiliate
A public library with various socio-economic data is available to support community development. As a repository, Kisatchie-Delta also receives Census 2000 updates, the Louisiana Labor Market Monthly Update, and various development-related reports, studies, and data.

Scenic Byways
Tourism development contributes to economic development through the attraction of outside dollars into the local economy and also serves to improve the quality of life through local celebration of assets, both cultural and historical. Scenic Byways, including the Louisiana Colonial Trails, and the Atchafalya Trace Heritage Area, are secondary routes designated in the State’s Byways program as a means to help attract visitors.Additionally, staff are working with the region’s tourism development and marketing professionals and volunteers on an update to the Northup Trail through Central Louisiana, notable locations and contemporary sites to the setting of Solomon Northup’s 12 Years A Slave. The trail is significantly based on work by Dr. Sue Eakin and other historians and community members from the mid-1980s.