Resources and Links

So many communities are struggling because their economies were built largely on a single economic sector that changed significantly, such as logging, mining, cut and sew operations, or certain manufacturing. With changes in technology and the “market”, these sectors have different needs and different triggers…and our communities rely on various resources and data to better understand how to facilitate more resilient economies by strengthening their businesses and industries.

The following resources/links are offered to help connect you more readily with credible, relevant, and appropriate recent and current data or other meaningful information. This can help you form a profile for your community, respond to grant applications or industry RFPs, and better understand your “market”.


Bureau of Census:


Louisiana State Census Data Center:

Labor Market Information:


Louisiana Association of Planning & Development Districts:

Southern University and A&M – EDA University Center:

(USDA supported) Southern Rural Development Center:


Delta Regional Authority:

Economic Development Administration:

U.S.D.A. Rural Development:

Louisiana Economic Development:

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